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From time to time, some authoritative people claim that there is no such thing as accelerated learning, that the remarkable results reported for it are untested and unproven.

No teaching or learning method on Earth has had more testing and validation, formal and informal, than has Socratic Method. Even the older forms of the method, over a span of 2300 years, have proven to be as powerful as most other methods cited as "Accelerated Learning." Moreover, where many other forms of Accelerated Learning mainly improve memorization and retention, Socratic Method directly generates understanding.

As we've come to know more about the human brain and mind, and about the science of human behavior, we now understand what made even traditional forms of Socratic Method so very effective. This has enabled us to develop modern and even more powerful, and more generally useful, forms of the method—forms which also are infinitely easier to use than was the original.

We will describe for you much of this here. And we invite you to use to your own advantage what is not only one of the most powerful learning methods ever known, but a powerful way to solve problems, to make discoveries, including scientific discoveries, to improve business, to improve your life, and to improve your relationships. Socratic and otherwise, two-thirds of our Project Renaissance methods, despite their wild variety, boil down simply to these three steps—

  1. Set your focus — by question, by problem statement, by topic-to-figure-out statement, by discovery focus, and/or by intention.
  2. Describe in detail what you find in that focus.
  3. As you detail, you discover more and more within that focus.

For you, we've packed as much of the actual "how-to" as we can into these few pages. This is now yours to use. We have included some overview, some explanation, and several example forms of the method in which you are guided step by specific, easy-to-follow step into creating the experiences and beneficial effects of modern Socratic Method.

Something to consider:  How would your life now be better, in so many ways, if years ago in your own schooling, everyone in that school had been trained and supported to draw you out in depth and in detail, at length, on your deepest and subtlest awarenesses, in topic after topic in your courses of study and on life itself?

The key here is "at length." The main shortcoming of the original Socratic Method was that while you were using it with one or two students, the other forty-seven would grow restless. Please read Dynamic Format to begin to see how everyone can literally become a Socrates to everyone else, and how, even in the largest-sized classes, everyone can experience the effects and benefits of Socratic Method at length, and what some of the effects of doing so are upon the immune system, the body, brain and mind.

Something else to consider:  What if the decision-makers in your enterprise regularly met for 2-3 hours every, say, Thursday afternoon, to draw each other out at length, in depth, in detail, on your respective deepest and subtlest awarenesses regarding the performance and situation of that enterprise? Your performance would shoot through the roof!!!

We've brought you as much as possible of this information, in forms which we hope will be useful and helpful to you. There is still more information, including elsewhere on this website. A recommended reading list appears at the end.

Those now reading this document but who happen to be from an overseas culture:  We'd very much like to find translators to get some of this, and this present document, also into your language. We also seek translators — and publishers — for some of our other English-language books and titles. We believe that this can help achieve some very broad benefits.

Here, then, is information we hope you will find useful, on one of the most powerful and beneficial methods to be found on the planet. Enjoy.

Key References:   Dynamic Format | Mutual Listening

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