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  Save 40 Million Lives
Ways to prevent tsunamis from being thrown at our shorelines by collapsing islands and volcanoes...

  About Expanding Ocean Dead Zones
Recent studies show not only the various specific dead zones spreading in the oceans... but the oceans as a whole are becoming anoxic, with profoundly serious consequences...

 A Nation Adrift
Guest author, Ralph Cerchione, discusses the potential of mankind to solve many daunting problems by turning its attention to the oceans of the world...

  New Details on CO2 and Extinction
Guest author, Dr. Paul J. Werbos, discusses the impact of CO2 gases on life and the fact that there are lots of folks out there who really don't care whether the human species goes extinct, so long as it's not in their lifetime.

  Thinking More Clearly About the Economy
A useful definition of the economy might be: The current productive arrangements into which our various productive activities have been directed.

  8-Point Economic Recovery Plan
8 important points for helping America to recover from the current economic crisis.

  Several Partial Proposed Solutions to the Economic Crisis
When presented with a plausible plan to pick apart or create alternative new and better solutions, groups of people very quickly move productively on into effective problem solving and generate new and better answers.

  Clarification and a Partial Solution to:

  • The Energy Crisis
  • Global Climate Disruption
  • World Hunger
  • Western and National Security Issues
Methane is a far greater global threat than carbon dioxide. Could this problem be made part of the solution?

  Methane, not CO2, is the Real Problem
for the Earth

A research offer of 2 days' free facilitation from Win Wenger on the question of harvesting methane ice safely and profitably.

  How to Eliminate Malaria
A call to scientists and investors to develop genetically engineered variants of the malaria virus which are harmless to humans, but lethal to mosquitoes uniquely able to carry the present virus unharmed.

  Blue Revolution in World Food Production
A simple, economical system of oceanic fish farms can meet the world's protein needs several times over.

  Protect India and Bangladesh from Typhoons
Protect low-lying areas of India and Bangladesh from typhoons, while developing their economies with a system of lagoons and barrier islands, using Project Renaissance's Beachbuilder technology.

  A New Basis for Solutions
A proposed criterion for actions and policies in context of climate change.

  Immediate Problem: Global Warming
Effects of global warming and useful measures for survival.

 Off on a Comet
Proposed remedy for new ice age or global melt-down.

  South African Education
A partial solution to part of its greatest problem.

  Realize High Human Potential of Students in Developing Countries
The majority attend school, if at all, in conditions not conducive to learning, and are condemned thereby to lifelong poverty for yet another generation. That majority also represents a huge human resource for those developing nations, which now instead appears to be a huge liability and handicap for them.

  Work-Study Scholarships
A proposed solution to three problems that mutually resolve each other: a study-buddy program for poor but capable students to tutor their faltering or unmotivated classmates and stop the waste of educational resources.

 Nuclear Waste Disposal
Solving a great unsolvable problem by making the problem a part of the solution.

  Reform the U.S. Patent System
A proposal to restore support and incentive to the individual inventor.

 Five-Fold Path towards a Robust Economy
Ways to strengthen local, community, state, national or regional economies, using local resources.

  A Very Inexpensive Way to Save the Amazonian Rain Forest
The iguana as a world-demand food source to make preserving its habitat more profitable.

From time to time we'll be adding other proposed solutions here to a variety of different concerns. Your comments, contributions and criticisms are invited.


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