Solving Problems Now

by Win Wenger, Ph.D.

In this time of difficulties, with a multitude of yet other shoes apparently ready to drop, a lot of good people find themselves in straits. The mortgage crisis hitting some, job loss others, loss of market still others, our economy as a whole has lost its principal function, it's market pricing structure serving as a directory to steer people and resources to their most productive uses. As a result our productivity is contracting and there is less value being produced to go around.

Problems seem to be everywhere - personal, neighborhood, community, professional, national, humanitarian and planetary. YOU can solve them! There are hundreds of ingenious specific methods around for solving problems, which are successfully in professional use around the globe. Some of them are readily - and FREELY - available to you, including right here in this website. What if, right now today, you were to identify your most pressing challenge and turn that into soaring high opportunity?

Let's do that. Here. Now. Where to get started? Here are a few suggestions one or more of which may actually be of some help....

Consideration: even if it were not necessarily so, that a disequilibriation such as you are undergoing is mainly a unique opportunity to come out way ahead, into a new equilibrium far better than the old one — if one proceeds as if that is indeed the case, he improves his chances of in fact coming out ahead.

Stress release and noise-removal help to gain clarity, such as with the Calm-Breathing Patterns as in Winsights No. 28 and No. 29.. Particularly helpful may be "noise-removal breathing" (also known as "Clarification Breathing", "Blowtorch Breathing", and "Yawn-Breathing".

Apply a specific problem-solving method, or several such methods in combination. You start by defining the problem several different ways. Then, among the hundreds of possible ingenious methods you can turn to, among the more accessible and easily performed are these:

  DEAM (Double-Entry Aha Method), together with its extension, Evoked Sidebands

  Freenoting and with live partner or audio recorder the spoken counterpart to that process, Windtunnel

  If you already know and practice ImageStreaming (an entire curriculum is provided here), you have very high probability of obtaining your "a-ha" via either Over-the-Wall or with High Thinktank (see the initial article of instructions beginning here). The solo "at home alone" version of those instructions is on the third page of that exhibit).

  The two procedural methods in Working with Metaphor represent another path to insight.

  A tidy review and overview of some of the easier methods can be found at Simply Waking Up with the Answer

One more thought is that it's better to be working on the problem than to have it working on you.

I hope that one or more of these points will prove helpful to you. In any event, I hope you find early, satisfactory, and amazingly rewarding resolution to your situation.


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Win Wenger

P.S. — One of the best brain-builders I know of, one which literally increases your intelligence, is to make a frequent and systematic practice of noticing, identifying and specifying problems and questions worth solving, and then solving them. Specific methods and an act of will take care of things at the start, and neural plasticity (your skills grow on you) carries it later.

Practice starts with one instance.

How about right now?

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