Velvety-Smooth Breathing
An excellent simple way to feel better
in 5 to 10 seconds

by Win Wenger, Ph.D.

Explanation of the breathing effects
You've been breathing ever since day one, without having anyone show you how and without your having to give it attention to "make it go." In other words, breathing is part of the automatics of your system, like heart beat, brain wave or liver function.

But, just as with your hands, you can do things deliberately with your breath. By breathing deliberately in various natural observed patterns, you can re-evoke the feelings, physiological or other conditions associated with those natural patterns. Also, your breath is a bridge of communication between your conscious intentions and the other automatics of your system.

"Velvety-Smooth" breathing, done as instructed below, is an excellent, simple, perfectly good way to improve mental and brain (and practical) performance. To feel better right now, faster than any pill (and no adverse side-effects!), learn "Velvety-Smooth" in 1-2 minutes starting now. Thereafter, use "Velvety-Smooth" any time, any occasion, to feel much, much better in even just 5 to 10 seconds!


How to do "Velvety-Smooth" breathing
1. Can you imagine how it would feel to your fingers, to be stroking gently a long smooth strip of sleek silk or plush velvet? Imagine the sheer luxury of that feeling. For 10 to 30 seconds, remember or imagine and intensify for yourself the luxurious feel of stroking that silk or velvet. Really get into the sheer luxury of that feeling.

2. Now let your breathing become long, slow, smooth, luxurious.... Let your breathing be like it's stroking you, stroking you gently like a long luxuriant piece of sleek silk or plush velvet. Let your breathing be stroking you as if your whole body, tip to tip, head to toe, were a long luxurious strip of silk or velvet. Each next breath, find a way to breathe more like that way than even the breath before it, more luxuriously with each breath, as if you were that silk or velvet being stroked.
Practice intensifying this luxury-feeling effect through breathing, for the rest of that two minutes. Compare the way you are feeling now, after two minutes of this breathing, with the way you were feeling before you started.

Memorize intently the resultant feeling. Use that remembered feeling as a takeoff point next time, and breathe further into luxuriousness from there. On such revisits of "Velvety-Smooth," you will find that you can achieve full release and luxury within 1 to 5 seconds.

The occasions and situations in your life where this can make the biggest difference for you are exactly those occasions and situations when you feel least like breathing luxuriously. Any time you find yourself under stress, shoulders stiffened or you're breathing high in your chest and in front—that's when you can make the biggest improvements in your favor by revisiting the "Velvety-Smooth" breathing" experience!

Have you tried this breathing experience yet? Do so now. The two minutes invested now will be made back many times over in your improved productivity the next two hours or so, both from this feeling-good effect and its freeing you of stresses and pressures. Feel good right now, in this ultimately natural way! And it's entirely free.

Option for the next time you have time:  do this "Velvety-Smooth" breathing with an open small container or so of vanilla, peppermint, some favorite perfume. Compare your resulting feeling from breathing this way with the feeling from breathing "Velvety-Smooth" without such aids.


Further reading
The following publications contain more detailed directions on various breathing techniques. The book is reviewed at some length and can be ordered. The Winsights column is available for free download.
o Win Wenger, Beyond OK.
o Winsights No. 28, "Breathing for Life" (April 1999).

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