Message to Our Volunteers

Dear people related to Project Renaissance,

It is heart-warming to see the sheer number and enthusiasm of all the people offering their help to the cause of Project Renaissance — people who truly believe that if one can learn how to solve one's own problems, then also problems on a larger scale can be helped.

Project Renaissance and Win Wenger have a greater than ever need for the help of a number of enthusiastic people to work together and make a difference in their, and therefore our, world. We need people skilled in administrative and organizational work, to take the details of these functions off Win's hands so he can again fully focus on his research and teaching work.

Even though the offers of help have been made without asking for any compensation, Win and his staff feel that we should try to do something to support all the noble volunteers. We came up with a reward system that will give you a discount on virtually all tuitions to Project Renaissance trainings if they are anywhere in your area or to which you can travel.

There is also a position open for a general manager or administrative director with a separate compensation offer, to assume some of the duties of our former executive director, Tijl Koenderink, who had to resign for pressing personal and business reasons. We thank him for what he achieved in the time he was involved and look forward to his continuing advice and moral support.

If you would like to become a volunteer, please let us know. If you have already contacted us and not heard back from us, please send us your offer again. In the past months we have gone through an archive of such an immense amount of material and communication that there is always the risk of one or two having been lost.

For people who have considered doing something to help us but who do not have an idea as to what, or how, please look through the following list of things we are currently working on:

  • Design and execution of promotional activities and material
  • Editing and production of compact versions of major Project Renaissance texts
  • Several pieces of software to aid the Project Renaissance methods and learning in general
  • Experiments with Project Renaissance methods in classrooms, political and business environments
  • Translation of Project Renaissance books, methods and the website into as many languages as possible
  • Setting up local interest groups for Creative Problem Solving

In all these areas we will, of course, work with you and guide you, to make an absolute best use of your valuable time.

If you have any questions, of course feel free to drop us an email and ask.

Our sincere thanks to all you have done and will be doing to help us realize our vision.

Warmest regards,

Win Wenger
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