Help Wanted:   Co-Author
for new book on Creating Wealth

Wanted:   a qualified professional or professionals in YOUR country and culture or even your metropolitan region, to co-author for your country and culture a special version of this book:

Creating Wealth, For Yourself and for Others,
in Countries Without Capital

A rising tide lifts all ships. Wealth is not merely obtained; it is created, in a non-zero, positive-sum game. Here are the strategies for this book in doing so:

  1. This is meant to be a very widely read, popular-level book which will inspire and guide people at large in your setting to create, at "grass roots" levels, tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of small, new, independent enterprises — and to enable them to solve problems and to develop those enterprises on their own, without having to wait upon the infinite wisdom of current policies of their current governments before prosperity can happen.

  2. Practically every identifiable social need and problem can be turned into the basis for a helpful service or product, and many of these can in turn be turned into a profitable basis for enterprise. For example, in the version of the book which was prepared during the fall of the Soviet Union, when millions of people were desperately standing in lines to enter stores whose shelves were bare, we suggested making a small enterprise of preparing hot soup and marketing it at low cost to the shivering people in those lines. That would have been a great help to the people in those lines, and at the same time developed a nice little enterprise.

    Look at every complaint, every remark about sorry conditions around you with the thought in mind, "In what ways can I help this situation and at the same time create a profitable enterprise from it?"

  3. We have on tap entire sets of methods, entire technologies which can be self-taught in the book, for effective ways to answer that question and for effective ways to innovate, invent, and discover new products and new services.

  4. We have on tap entire sets of methods, entire technologies which can be self-taught in the book, for effective, ingenious problem-solving. By definition, an enterprise will run into problems. Equip people by the millions to solve these and other problems. A high survival and development rate among such a swarm of new enterprises will create a groundswell of new prosperity for all, that proverbial rising tide which lifts all ships.

  5. Strategies, in turn, for what to innovate, invent and discover -

    1. As in # 2 above, almost every identifiable social need and problem can be turned into a helpful - and profitable - new enterprise.

    2. Invention, discovery and innovation to help develop infrastructure in your society's economy.

    3. Innovation, invention and discovery to create new, unique products and services, especially from local resources, which your locale can trade to advantage in the world economy.

  6. Versions of the Win/Win-Finder for discovering often-surprising sources of support and of resistance for one's product or service, and mapping the most advantageous route regarding these.

  7. A very few very basic elements of economic common sense. Even the idea that wealth is something that can be created is news in some quarters, and other matters equally basic have to be addressed to ensure effective orientation for the widest possible readership.
Qualities sought in a co-authoring professional:
  • He, she or they be very much members of the local culture, steeped in its ways and its situation.

  • He, she or they should have some background familiarity with
    • Local regulations, laws and customs.
    • Economics, and/or
    • Methods of creativity and of creative problem-solving.

  • It would be helpful also if the local professional(s) had some familiarity with or even some connection to local publishers and publishing resources.
Waiting for governments and their policies to turn infinitely wise, so that people may prosper, in some parts of the world may take a while. If you'd rather not wait.... Please bring this announcement to the attention of appropriate professionals in your part of the world, and/or consider joining this co-authoring adventure yourself.


Please contact the other co-author, Win Wenger, Ph.D.,
head of Project Renaissance, by email to:
Win Wenger

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