Brain Boosters

20 Minutes a Day to a More Powerful Intelligence

by Win Wenger
Published 2003

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Do you want a sharper edge? Do you want to improve your abilities? Are you a goal setter with specific purposes in mind? Do you want to develop more passion for your ideas, to see them blossom into a reality that brings you the success you deserve? How does increasing your intelligence tie into all this and can, in fact, your intelligence be increased?

“Intelligence” — many people have different definitions for it. When scientists talk about intelligence, they are referring to your score on a standardized I.Q. test, even though that test is so profoundly affected by so many other factors. Or one can look at society’s definition of intelligence: your status, financial intelligence, business savvy, or where you may be in pursuit of your wants and needs. Everything that can be identified as part of any definition of intelligence can be improved by specific training. Intelligence and mental abilities can be improved, and fairly readily so. That training is provided to you in Brain Boosters: 20 Minutes a Day to a More Powerful Intelligence.

Throughout Brain Boosters, you will be given resources that will help you improve your intelligence. Resources that will let you do so as easily and conveniently as possible. Dr. Win Wenger, co-author of the popular Nightingale-Conant program The Einstein Factor, will provide a series of practical theories and exercises that you can use for as little as 20 minutes per day and make meaningful gains in your genius abilities. Or you can make further gains even more rapidly by investing more than 20 minutes per day in these practices. You’ll learn that the possibilities, like your intelligence, are limitless.

Win’s teachings on genius are rooted in a simple philosophy — you get more of what you reinforce. Have you ever started to have an idea, didn’t do anything about it at the time, didn’t write it down and it slipped away and disappeared, and you simply forgot it? There is tremendous value in each and every one of your ideas and thoughts. Each time you respond in some specific way to one of your own ideas, you reinforce the behavior of being more creative, more intelligent. In Brain Boosters, Win will show you how this simple idea of reinforcing your creative ideas is directly tied into increasing your intelligence, complete with many exercises to reinforce these ideas.

In Brain Boosters: 20 Minutes a Day to a More Powerful Intelligence, you’ll learn how to:

  • Reinforce yourself into being more perceptive, more aware.
  • Quickly and easily improve your intelligence daily.
  • Come up with greater ideas and insights for your business or career.
  • Not edit yourself.
  • Understand, both in words and beyond words.
  • Think in detail.
  • See the powerful connection between music and intelligence.
  • Do so much more to boost your brain to a genius level.

You may be surprised at the genius-like capabilities that are already within you and at how easily you can learn and use them. Brain Boosters is the program to fully and rewardingly experience being a genius.

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It is probably the most wonderful motivational programme ever…and I started with Earl Nightingale 5-10 years ago, finding my way to Brian Tracey, Anthony Robbins, etc. …many life enhancing speakers…

But the most amazing thing about Brain Power is that it fills me with energy and seemed to start solving problems from the first 5 tracks on CD 1… It is great information, and I wish all the underprivileged kids from poor backgrounds who feel hopeless, and their mothers, could have access to this and be shown how to use it.

— Christine Lee