Dynamic Teaching

Proven techniques for full engagement of every student

by Harman Max Benda & Win Wenger
Paperback | Kindle
Published 2011
ISBN13 9781257148738

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Dynamic Teaching is a guide to effective group management techniques and modern Socratic Method. It is based on three fundamental principles:

  • First, people mostly learn by relating information to their prior experience and the contexts they have already built.
  • Second, anything you describe in detail, while examining it closely, you discover more and more about.
  • And third, you get more of what you reinforce.

When put into practice, these three principles achieve the original purpose of the Socratic Method. In Dynamic Teaching, a process called a buzz group integrates all three principles and ensures that the class achieves your goal and that your students fully understand your points from their perspective. It lets you teach smarter, not harder.

Dynamic Teaching supersedes and subsumes Win’s older book, How To Be A Better Teacher, Today, While Reducing Your Workload! Like the older book, Dynamic Teaching enables teachers to get far better results for less effort, far more easily than today with their current methods. With the greatest of ease, indeed discover how to teach smarter, not harder.

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