The Creative Problem-Solving Tool Kit

Psychegenic Tools Relating to Health of Body and Mind

by Harman Max Benda & Win Wenger
Paperback | Kindle
Published 2012
ISBN13 9781257173129

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The newest product from Project Renaissance — for your career, business, relationship and money goals

The Creative Problem-Solving Tool Kit is filled cover to cover with 17 breakthrough techniques, taught step-by-specific-step in their simplest, easiest-to-use form. Learn to access your Image Stream for 24/7 solutions. Solve relationship, work, small business and financial problems; write books, create workshops, develop successful sales presentations, come up with ideas for inventions, making money, and much, much more.

You’ll learn techniques that have been used to solve relationship, work, small business and financial problems; to write books, to create workshops, to develop successful sales presentations and to come up with ideas for inventions, making money, and much, much more.

Here is a summary of the benefits you receive:

  • Easy-to-do techniques to find the solutions you need any where any time
  • The answers come from within you. No special equipment is needed.
  • You can get answers in your sleep–Learn First-Thing-in-the-Morning, Project Renaissance Style.
  • You can tap into any genius’s mind–Tap into any genius for ideas and solutions using the Genius Technique.
  • You can breathe away blocks to solutions–Learn Breathing for Clarity.
  • You can access your image stream for 24 X 7 solutions–Learn Image Streaming.
  • Get your answers in under an hour–Each technique in the book can be done in under an hour.
  • Be more creative every day–Learn 20 ways to be more creative.

The Problem Solving Tool Kit includes the following 17 breakthrough techniques:

  1. Image Streaming: You tap into your 24×7 image stream of solutions.
  2. Portable Memory Bank or Idea Butterfly Net: The key to being more creative and observant is to notice your perceptions and to write down your ideas and observations.
  3. First-Thing-in-the-Morning, Project Renaissance Style: Imagine being able to solve problems while taking a nap or sleeping at night.
  4. Breathing for Clarity: Find your answer(s) by breathing out whatever is blocking you.
  5. Freenoting: Choose a topic and write.
  6. Double-Entry A-HA! Method: Find the answers that have been there all the time.
  7. Evoked Sidebands: As a long-term student of history, I remembered that, at least since the European Renaissance, some of the leading thinkers would write out the matter they were trying to figure out or understand, then stare at what they had written, trying to see if that could somehow trigger any useful thoughts.
  8. If Your Problem Were a Crabapple: My problem is like a ________. Discovering how can lead to insightful answers…
  9. Holding the Answer: Holding the Answer can challenge your perceptions of the world.
  10. Write-the-Question, Get-the-Answer: A shorter, faster and simpler version of “Evoked Sidebands”
  11. Borrowed Genius: This is a wonderful technique when you have to do something you are not sure you have the skills to do or to learn something you don’t have the background to understand.
  12. Over-the-Wall: Over-the-Wall is a very powerful technique. A key to success is the element of surprise when you jump over the wall.
  13. Three Doors in the Mind’s Eye: Each of the doors when opened gives a view in which a truly great answer may be discovered.
  14. High Thinktank: High Thinktank is tremendous fun and is reminiscent of Johnny Carson’s Karnack skits where he answers the question in the sealed envelope.

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