Message for Problem-Solvers

Core Messages from Win Wenger, Ph.D.

Socratize one another. You reveal thereby to each other the whole wonderful universe — regardless of what you thought you knew about it.

Each time you respond in some definite way to one of your own perceptions, you reinforce that perception — and, more significantly, you also reinforce being perceptive.

For that reason, listening to one another is one of the best and most powerful things we can do for each other.

And in our turns to speak, we must describe our own actual perceptions in as sensitive detail as possible, rather than reciting and re-reciting what we think we know, or otherwise repeating ourselves overly. Always reach for and describe your own actual current fresh perceptions and you will come to see all.

Describing your own current perception leads directly on to further perceptions.

To solve the problems which have not been resolved based on our review of what we think we know about them, we must get past our expected answer to the fresh perceptions wherein we find the great answers.

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