Double Festival 2012

Returning to the Future
(He who does not learn from the future…)

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Project Renaissance’s 20th Annual Conference on Creative Problem-Solving and Enhanced / Accelerated Learning
May 25-27, 2012
in the Maryland-Washington DC area 

“He who does not learn from the future…..”

This is to be the special, expanded, 20th annual Double-Festival Conference of Project Renaissance.

The future has a lot of good uses —

  • To make better, more accurate predictions.
  • To project the outcomes of trends and tendencies.
  • To predict the results of alternative choices or decisions.
  • To discover how to facilitate desired outcomes and to head off undesired outcomes.
  • As a canvas upon which to explore ideas.
  • For solving problems of all sorts—“Visit to a future where the problem has already been solved, then copy off in detail how it had been solved.”
  • To find major and minor inventions, innovations and scientific discoveries in various futures, then copy them off in the detail needed in order to re-invent these “back here” in the real-time present.
  • To similarly find and copy off new methods and techniques.
  • To similarly find and copy off new artworks and new arts.
  • And, as a form of recreation and entertainment.

Especially good, when “visiting” the future by one or more of our en scenario methods.

Enjoy, with us, exploring that there is a future beyond 2012, at the May 25-27 weekend, 2012 Double Festival.

Please mark your calendars, and tell your special friends or co-workers or employees.

We will pick up where we left off at the remarkable 2010 Double Festival, “Seeing 20/20″.

Like our previous Double Festival weekends, this one will be preceded during daytime Thursday and Friday, May 24-25, by the basic Beyond-Einstein / Socratic Training — including our annual clinic in Image Streaming — as a “pre-conference event”. Our May 25-27 weekend Double Festival will be followed by our special advanced training program for trainers and trainer-candidates, May 28-30, Monday-Wednesday, as a “post-conference event”.

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