Double Festival 2014

“Breakthroughs”— in Method, Ours and Theirs, in Teaching, Learning, and in Enhancing Human Development

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Project Renaissance’s 21st Annual Conference on Creative Problem-Solving and Enhanced / Accelerated Learning
May 14-21, 2014
in the Maryland-Washington DC area 

The long-awaited annual conference of Project Renaissance, and the several training events pre- and post-conference, will be held in May 2014 at the extraordinary private facility in Pasadena, Maryland, 21122, where it has been held for the last eleven years:

  • Beyond-Einstein-Socratic Training (B.E.S.T.), May 14-16, 2014, in the basic skills, experiences and benefits of the Project Renaissance program itself. Includes our great Clinic on Image Streaming.
  • The Double-Festival, May 16-18, 2014, celebrating breakthroughs in Creative Problem-Solving which are also breakthroughs in ways of teaching and learning-with-understanding.
  • Trainer Training, May 19-21, 2014. Acquire the skills which will enable you to share and train others in the key Project Renaissance skills and methods and experiences. The focus this year:   “Breakthroughs in Educational Method, Ours and Theirs.”

This year’s conference and events theme is:  Breakthroughs in Method, Ours and Theirs, in Teaching, Learning, and in Enhancing Human Development. Our focus therein is specifically on ways to bring about meaningful learning, learning with understanding, as distinct from the kinds of passive and rote “learning” which so often is the fate of the human beings in our schools.

We will demonstrate, we will walk you through the first-hand immediate experiences which will give you the skills and methods to profoundly improve your own effectiveness in and enjoyment of learning and that of others whom you care about. Even in the conference itself, as we near the end of each presentation, we will easily demonstrate one of our astonishingly simple techniques whose use immediately, and for the long run, better than doubles the effectiveness of any lesson, any public lecture, any presentation! Whether that is your presentation, or your absorption of someone else’s presentation, you will easily acquire and enjoy some high-quality, high-level understandings.

We also are seeking out the leaders and representatives of other methods, programs and disciplines whose effective results in teaching are comparable to those our own methods have obtained in the schools using them—in Buffalo, NY, and in Indianapolis—where entire classes of students, of whatever ages and backgrounds, have been gaining multiple years-per-year in their (tested) overall intellectual development, not merely in just the subjects taught by these methods. (Please see an example of test results at St. Andrew’s.)

Nearly all of the graduating students at St. Andrews school in Buffalo have been winning nice scholarships for further and advanced studies, and we expect the same scholarships phenomenon to happen at FusiK MusIQ school in Indianapolis, which just started using our modern maieutic Socratic Method this past year. The school which has in it people whom you care about could be the next one to easily enjoy these rewarding results…

For what do we want those leaders and representatives of other methods, programs and disciplines, whose own effective results in teaching are comparable to the demonstrated, tested results our methods have obtained in the schools using them? Please see Special Word to Everyone Who Seeks to Improve the Schools.

In particular, at the 2014 Double-Festival Conference and related events, we’d like you also to showcase some of your own accelerated learning methods and tactics so that we can learn from each other, share with each other the light in what we are each doing, and discover synergies between us which, among other things, can further strengthen the case we each individually so far have been trying to make to schools and to the public. We know you exist and are out there, a number of programs which by different methods have been getting results comparable to ours. For all that we each have accomplished separately, what can we accomplish working together? Let’s find out. Let’s even problem-solve together on those points where we can comfortably make common cause. We will happily share with you, if you like, our recently-developed “easy tactics” strategy for advancing use of such advanced methods into our public and private schools.

Audio recorders and laptops are welcome and may be used, provided that you are smooth enough in their operation not to distract others during some pretty focused experiences.

We love the meeting place and training facility that we have been using for the past decade.with its cozy, attractive setting. Help is very welcome for making this major event all that it can be. To volunteer, call Win Wenger at 301-948-1122.

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