Albert Einstein

20th Century Genius

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein—for most of this century, his name has been a household word around the world, synonymous with “genius.”

He was a “genius” in a broader sense as well. How would you classify him and his work? Physicist? Astrophysicist and cosmologist? Mathematician? Philosopher? Aesthetician? Einstein’s genius would not be confined to one narrow category or specialty. In dealing with the universe, he was dealing with the Universe, whatever the specialized slits we conventionally use to peer through at some aspect of it.

Einstein is also a model for us in Project Renaissance in yet one more key respect. His blaze symbolizes for us the true genius which at least smoulders in virtually every human being. For the first several decades of life he was regarded—apparently with cause—as being mildly retarded. But his “Deep Thought Experiments,” what he did with visual thinking and the use he made of that with wider issues, not only taught him Relativity but made him the genius we all are now so in awe of.

Only recently have we come to understand how certain forms and uses of visual thinking build intelligence and genius. Around now well-understood principles and processes, we in Project Renaissance have built modern Einsteinian Discovery Technique. Whoever comes to practice it much will find his or her own genius burning within.

The text of most advanced forms of Einsteinian and other techniques, for not only solving problems but for making major breakthroughs in whatever field, is Win Wenger’s Discovering The Obvious: Techniques of Original, Inspired Scientific Discovery, Technical Invention, and Innovation.

The text applying Einsteinian Discovery Technique methods to building quick, deep understanding in whatever fields of learning, and for use in education and self-education, is Wenger’s seminal book Beyond Teaching and Learning, the latest edition as of May 1999.

The best overall introduction to this general field—of methods for enhancing human understanding, quality of experience, perception, and intelligence—is the clear and easy-to-read tradebook, The Einstein Factor, co-authored by Win Wenger and Richard Poe.

Complete free instructions for how to learn and practice the most effective general form of Einsteinian Discovery Technique, Image Streaming, are provided on this Website.

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