Potential Treatments for Physical and Emotional Injuries

by Win Wenger, Ph.D.
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One of the consequences of human beings’ being organisms is essentially holographic. Anything happening anywhere in the organism affects and influences everything else in that organism.

If you put a galvanic skin response clip or some other kind of bio-monitoring clip on your right earlobe, and stub your left big toe, that event will kick off responses noted in your right earlobe. Everything modulates everything else, everything literally writes itself and its information onto everything else.

As a result, anything happening physically within the organism affects also the emotional, the mental, and, by any definition, the spiritual. Anything happening to the organism, from any of those categories, affects everything else. An injury or disease can come from any of those categories of events. A cure for that disease or injury can come from any of those categories of events. All those and other categories contribute to what is going on in the organism.

One of the more reliable ways we have found for working with the holographic nature of the human organism is the use of our identified “Calm-Breathing Patterns.” We are not allowed to call this a therapy; you can, as you gain experience with it, call it what you please. These breathing patterns, as cited below, work on several useful levels:

  1. Made as pleasurable as possible, these patterns can be made to recondition stimuli and to remove the noxious aspects of almost any stimulus, past or present.
  2. Normally part of our autonomic system, our breathing can be controlled. Our breathing thus serves as a bridge through which we can deliberately interact with our autonomic system and various of its processes. Actually, through our breathing patterns, chi-pranha-life-force energy, and sensory images both visual and involving the sense of touch and feel, we can with a little practice communicate with and if need be redirect almost any organ, tissue or even cell in the physical body.
  3. Simply by cleansing away disorder, our Calm-Breathing Patterns can cleanse away the fatigues, the toxins, the accumulated stresses, the “noise” in our physical bodies which hinders our trillion-and-one various systems from detecting and correcting disturbances to the trillion-and-one equilibria through which our health and well-being are maintained. The signals they monitor stand out more clearly against a quieter background, the way you hear so much more of the music or discussion when a radio signal clears up. Thus with less disorder in your overall system, you are much likelier to keep good health and for your body to find ways to recover good health once that has been disturbed.

I am writing you the following information for your own personal use and experimentation. Also, because we have so repeatedly observed powerful effects from its use which in other circumstances might have been termed profoundly therapeutic, we would like to convey and teach finer points of its use to licensed clinicians so that it might serve a broader public apparently much in need of what this procedure brings.

Prerequisite Procedure

I very strongly recommend practice of the Calm-Breathing Patterns found in Winsights No. 28 and No. 29, especially “noise-removal breathing” (NRB). I recommend accumulating, in short segments, maybe an hour or so of NRB before using it on any specific target, in order to strengthen its qualities as a positive reinforcer.

Using these procedures on specific targets:

  1. NRB “through” the part of the body concerned, “sweep up and away” whatever “noise” you find there. (You can also energy-comb through that region of the body toward the same effect. See your copy of Beyond O.K. Regular life-force energy for most matters, high blue or violet for skin, red for bone and tendons.) Sometimes combing an area gets you noticing a prior and bothersome experience involving somehow that part of the body — if so, #2 pertains.
  2. While luxuriously sweeping your whole body with NRB, think back to the disturbing event and let yourself feel as much of your reaction to that event as you can, exposing as much of that feeling as possible to each sweeping-away breath, until you’ve used up all of that feeling. Be especially alert to nodding off as you near the end of the process — that seems to be a last-ditch defense for keeping the trauma in place, so prop up an arm in such a way that it will flop down to alert you if you start to nod off. Keep on until you’ve absolutely “cleaned” the experience in question. Sometimes you are reminded of prior experiences which felt the same way — it’s best to go through each of those in turn, also, until you’ve got them completely “cleaned” all the way to the first such in the chain.

Whenever you finish off such a part of the body or such an experience, give it several minutes more but with deliciousness or satisfaction breathing and even a felt glow. Instead of leaving a vacuum where you’ve cleaned, leave a most positive conditioning there so that nothing there can ever be bothersome to you ever again. Finish off any bothersome matters with several minutes of deliciousness and soon not much will be bothering you.

We’ve a lot of experience, directly and through other people, in using NRB and other forms of such breathing to clean away both physical and emotional injury. Somewhat similar effects may also obtain through EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and the prefrontal lobe process associated with kinesiology. I’ve not been able to make “anchors” in the NLP (NeuroLinguistic Programming) sense work for me, though some may describe this very breathing procedure as an “anchor” process a la NLP, but many reliable people swear by NLP’s anchor work. (And I have great respect for NLP and the richness and practicality of much of its processing.)

Incidentally, none of these practices are known to most practicing therapists. This may or may not have something to do with the speed of their effects, compared with conventional therapy which takes years — such speed may make it harder to keep up a case load. (Though I would think that so rapid and successful a treatment would attract many from an inexhaustible supply of patients who need it!)

Take everything said here (and elsewhere!!!) with the appropriate grain of salt since I am not a practicing therapist. I am, however, looking for appropriate therapists to whom I could teach the finer points of this breathing and energy procedure, along with several other procedures we’ve developed which could be possibly used either as therapies in their own right or as adjuncts to recognized therapies.

You are invited to test this information — above and in Winsights Nos. 28-29— in your own immediate experience and arrive at your own conclusions about its efficacy.

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