You Are Brighter Than You Think — FAR BRIGHTER!

by Win Wenger, Ph.D.
Winsights No. 1 (30 March 1997)

Turning on – and keeping engaged – the very real genius between your ears is far easier and simple a matter than you ever dreamed was possible.

Your external senses (sight, sound, touch, etc.) are much more immediate and focused than your equally important internal senses (feelings, images, pre-verbal thoughts and understandings, sense of nuance, etc.).

That is the attraction which games and sports have for most people, compared to intellectual activities which may be of far greater value. Keep in mind the first sentence above, while we look at the Law of Effect – the most basic and universally agreed-upon natural law of behavior (like the law of gravity is a natural law of physics):

That prime natural law of behavior: You get more of what you reinforce. One agreed part of that law: the more concretely and immediately one reinforces a trait or response, the more powerfully it acts to shape that trait or response.

Inevitably it follows: that if the output functions of widely separate regions of the brain are expressed together in a combination external action, the immediacy of the external sensory feedback from that external action builds a more and more immediate relationship between those formerly unrelated brain regions, causing them to become more and more accessible to each other, the intelligence of each part of the brain more immediately available.

Consequently, “I.Q.” scores will rise – and that is only a minor part of the story…..

One simple procedure exercising this effect produces substantial increase in “I.Q.” points per 25 hours of easy, entertaining practice, according to independently conducted state university studies – and that is only a minor part of the benefits happening….. (Studies performed since 1989 at Southwest State University in Marshall, Minnesota: query there the Department of Chemistry and Physics, attn: Prof. Charles P. Reinert.)

Next week we will publish here, on this site, step-by-step instructions HOW to perform the simple procedure producing these gains in intelligence and in other desired qualities.

In weeks to come, “winsights” will look afresh at many remarkable matters directly affecting human intelligence, ability, levels of performance and experience. As in the above brief, basic evidence is cited which you can check for yourself, which contradicts thoroughly the old notion that “you are stuck with the level of intelligence – or lack of it – that you were born with.” As in next week’s step-by-step procedure, you will be provided the best evidence possible: a “recipe” how you can create the experience directly for yourself and for those whom you care about.

For whom will next week’s procedure work? All ranges of present apparent “intelligence,” all educational backgrounds, all cultures. I’ve trained thousands of highly varied persons myself around the world, and thousands more have been trained in the procedure in that state university. Of all those thousands, not one person has yet been found who could not learn and perform the procedure we’re providing you next week, and thus begin to harvest its benefits. Consequently some of our old assumptions, especially those about who can do what and who can’t, are in severe need of re-examination. –And you are sitting on a goldmine…..