by Win Wenger, Ph.D.

I have earmarked a handful of major inventions for give-away and release into the public domain, including a way to reduce costs of large-scale building projects; a way to build more inexpensively where ground-footing normally would not support large conventional buildings; a potential power-source which can also affect local climate.

To access any description, just click on its title in the annotated Index listings below.

  • Preface: Abundance vs. Scarcity
    Why we are giving away major inventions totally free!
  • Beachbuilder
    Inexpensively protects and restores beaches, shorelines and islands.
  • Hurricane Stopper
    Brings cooler ocean waters to the top to nip storms at onset, revitalizes seas for fish-farming.
  • Diricopters
    Semi-dirigible helicopters for safe, speedy transit.
  • Space Launch
    Inexpensive, safe and gentle launch track preserves material resources, spares the ozone layer.
  • Coils
    Electromagnets to deflect space radiation from astronauts.
  • Hyperbaric Treatment Enhancer
    A more effective treatment for AIDS.
  • Babble-Back
    Enhance articulate intelligence in children.