Abundance vs. Scarcity

Why we are giving away major inventions totally free!

by Win Wenger, Ph.D.
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Come along as we perform a little thought experiment. Let us imagine that there exist two distinct sets of natural law which govern forms of energy. One of these is The Laws of Abundance. The other is The Laws of Scarcity. Both sets of law govern throughout these types of energy, but in varying proportions.

Let us range these forms of energy along a continuum:

Political Power - Material Wealth - Heat Energy - Body Energy - Life Force Energy - Spiritual Energy - Information

Each form of energy along this continuum is subject to both sets of natural law, but in greater or lesser degree according to which set it is closer to. Which end of this continuum do the Laws of Abundance govern from? — and which end of the continuum do the Laws of Scarcity govern from, according to what you know or perceive about the behavior and nature of each of the above forms of energy ranged along that continuum?

Special Note:  hundreds of people have been questioned on this point and, without exception, all have given the same answer, which makes the thesis here indeed one of the more evident of the “self-evident truths.” You are invited, from this information,

  1. to make your own assessment of which end of the continuum each set of laws governs mainly from;
  2. to define the laws of scarcity, which in turn define “rationality” in each of the major socio-behavioral sciences; and
  3. to define the laws of abundance.

From decades of researching, creating and teaching creative methods, I have accumulated thousands of inventions—more than I’ll ever get around to developing on the customary basis, even if conditions were much better than they now are for independent inventors. So I have chosen for public domain several inventions like Beachbuilder which can improve or protect the well-being of a lot of people.

I have earmarked a dozen major inventions for give-away and release into the public domain, including a way to reduce costs of large-scale building projects; a way to build more inexpensively where ground-footing normally would not support large conventional buildings; a potential power-source which can also affect local climate. Even with that many given away, there are still literally thousands of other “hot” inventions on hand appropriate for more usual forms of development.

Further, I hope that giving away a dozen major inventions will do more than dramatize the present conditions discouraging independent invention. More by far is the impact to be had if thousands of Americans, after reading either of my books, The Einstein Factor or Discovering the Obvious (described in the Books section), decide to take advantage of what they learn there. Anyone can become as productively inventive as Nicola Tesla or Thomas Edison, who gave America her technological and scientific edge through most of the twentieth century. Thousands more may decide to make just a few discoveries or inventions, as a hobby or for a lark. All in all, a flood of new inventions could create better terms all around for competing in the twenty-first century.

There are no catches. I will send a working description of any of these inventions and processes to whoever sends a self-addressed, stamped envelope to me at Project Renaissance, address below. The inventions are free for you to use, no strings attached, no fine print, no obligations of any kind!

Throughout the Project Renaissance site we’ve posted a lot of information which is equally remarkable, and all of it is totally free. Go take a good look!

Further special note:  many of the several thousand inventions retained as proprietary may be better suited for developing initially in economically challenged nations than in the advantaged USA. Successful development of any of these would improve the economic position of any country where this occurred.

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