How to Eliminate Malaria

by Win Wenger, Ph.D.
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How can we eliminate the particular mosquito which carries malaria to humans, without killing other types of mosquito or damaging the environment and ecology?

What makes the Anopheles unique among mosquitos is its ability to carry the malaria virus without succumbing to it. This greatly narrows the search for unique genetic markers on BOTH sides of this solution as proposed below:

Genetically engineer variants of the malaria virus — variants which are harmless instead to humans, but specific and lethal only for those varieties of mosquito which now are uniquely able to carry the present virus unharmed.

With the new, tailored variant of the malaria virus, only the disease-carrying mosquitos die. The entire vector of the malaria dries up. Humans are no longer freshly infected. The scourge for generations, of hundreds of millions of human beings, passes into history as people finally get on with their lives.

Needed: a biomedical research facility and professionals willing to pursue this obvious line of research, and a funding source willing to help make it happen.

Project Renaissance does not possess the resources nor the scientific and technical expertise to pursue this research — but you may know who does. Project Renaissance is willing, however, to consult and to facilitate as appropriate, as the rules of clear thinking and creative problem-solving which we have been pioneering, serve in all fields and specialties, including scientific and technical.

Next, on a separate sheet of paper or in a blank file, please write down all the reasons why this simple tailored-virus idea, to wipe out a disease vector, cannot possibly work. “It cannot possibly work, because: – – “

Next — optional — take the biggest of those reasons and write it out as a formal, specific problem statement. Then solve it, using any of many readily available, specific problem-solving methods such as —

  1. On a sheet of paper or in a blank file, please write out a list of all the reasons why this proposed solution absolutely cannot possibly work!
  2. Which of those reasons is biggest? Please re-state that reason into a more specific form, stated as a specific problem.
  3. Please do a specific, formal CPS (Creative Problem-Solving) process on that biggest of all reasons as a problem, by any of the hundreds of available CPS methods now in successful professional use around the world. From even this one website alone, use any of these — for example, the following are among many to be recommended here, because complete instructions are there in each self-taught article, which can be implemented successfully by anyone without previous skills or training. There are no prerequisites before you can use these successfully, nor is any permission required — everything is already right there for you.

We’d like to hear your results, which may well help us — or someone — finally find a successful resolution to the malaria problem.

Now, once you’ve got THAT out of your way — here is the main thing that you can do, that can help one hundred million human beings:

  1. Argue about this with someone. Anyone, but preferably someone who might know a connection with a university or with biomedical research and genome research. Argument develops further information, including further and better ideas.
  2. You are welcome to make copies of this document and to pass it along as you deem appropriate.
  3. If you are related in some way to biomedical and/or genetic research, you know that whoever does eliminate the malaria scourge will win the Nobel Prize.

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