Protect Low-Lying Areas of India and Bangladesh from Typhoons

…while developing their economies

by Win Wenger, Ph.D.
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Every year or so, tens of thousands of people die from floods swept in by typhoons from the Bay of Bengal. Every decade or so, especially bad storms kill millions of human beings, and leave little infrastructure in place upon which to build any viable economy.

Project Renaissance has invented Beachbuilder, a use application of low technology that has been in use for six decades. Pump air through a perforated pipe laid underwater so that the escaping air bubbles up as an “air fence” or “air curtain,” intercepting sediment-bearing waves and currents. These are stalled by the air curtains, and as they lose their momentum they drop their sediment loads. The invention is in public domain, free for anyone to use, and is described here.

Special Application to the Bay of Bengal

  1. Deployed some distance offshore, Beachbuilder can greatly lessen the flooding from storms and the destructive forces of storm-driven waters.
  2. More than just such defensive uses: Beachbuilder can be used to actually build a succession of barrier islands. We propose a succession of alternating strips of land and water lagoons, from immediately offshore to nearly the middle of the Bay of Bengal, which is shallow for a long distance out. The outermost barrier island would be planted with trees and protected with a permanent Beachbuilder installation.
  3. The remainder of the barrier islands and strips of land would be used for farming and for recreation and tourism.
  4. The alternating strips of water, the lagoons, would be used for fish-farming.

Resulting Development of the Regional Economy

  1. With the region protected from the worst effects of typhoons, an infrastructure can be developed which will provide bases for economic progress.
  2. The building of the alternating lagoon/barrier island system, by whatever agency and/or public and/or private consortium, would afford local employment.
  3. Farming and tourism on the barrier island strips would be a major source of income and capital for a developing economy.
  4. Fish-farming this system of lagoons could be a major component in economic advance of the region — and also supply much of the protein needs of this low-income part of the world.

We thus propose, for a consortium of private and/or public interests and agencies, to use the very inexpensive Beachbuilder process to create across much of the Bay of Bengal a system of alternating barrier island land strips and water lagoon strips. These would shelter low-lying lands which now drown each time a typhoon comes in across the Bay of Bengal, which happens frequently. These would also provide a basis for economic development of what is presently one of the poorest regions on Earth, affecting directly and immediately the lives of hundreds of millions of human beings.

On a piece of paper, or in a blank file on your computer, please write down all the reasons why this very inexpensive method for sheltering and developing Bangladesh and low-lying areas of India cannot possibly work:

  • Reason #1: It can’t possibly work, because: 
  • Reason #2: It can’t possibly work, because: 
  • Reason #3: it can’t possibly work, because: 

Now, once you’ve got THAT out of your way — here is what you can do, that can help millions of human beings:

  1. Argue about this with someone. Anyone, but preferably someone who might know an appropriate connection. Argument develops further information, including further and better ideas.
  2. You are welcome to make copies of this document and to pass it along as you deem appropriate.
  3. You know someone who knows someone who knows someone. That ultimate Someone will never hear about this proposal without your help. Millions of human lives are part of what is at stake.

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