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  • Incentives as a Preferred Instrument of Corporate and Public Policy
    Original techniques of incentive/equilibrium and cost/benefit analysis: Adjusting incentives as a main way to get desired things done, preferred over conventional administrative and governmental methods for improving conditions without constraining or damaging individual freedom and/or initiative.
  • You Are Brighter Than You Think!
    Combining Socratic method with Einsteinian “deep-thought” technique opens many paths to your own high heritage of resources. Full text here for free.
  • Two GUARANTEED Ways to Profoundly Improve Your Intelligence
    Held-breath underwater swimming and Image Streaming as powerful agents of greater effectiveness. Full text here for free.
  • Excerpt: Beyond Teaching and Learning
    The full text of Chapter 1 of this great book is provided here for free, with many hot tips for accelerated learning and increased understanding, and for accessing and retrieving your unconsciously held awarenesses. Learn like a genius!
  • Beyond Training and Learning
    Win Wenger’s Trainer Training Course Manual: Your unique opportunity to learn from a renowned pioneer in the fields of creativity and creative method, accelerated learning, & brain and mind development. A full PDF version of the manual.
    Click here to download it free.

Two Monographs on System Theory

  • Civilizations and Other Living Systems
    Why did twenty-some of the 29 or so major civilizations seemingly commit suicide and vanish? With infinitely more at stake, and everything we here value at stake, is our own civilization too far advanced in the same cycle or is it redeemable? This monograph describes, largely from a perspective of general systems, cybernetics and information theory, why entire high civilizations emerge, flourish, and catastrophically collapse.
  • Toward a General Theory of Systems
    This 1979 work presents a simple way to understand the nature of systems and, in turn, to move toward understanding the nature and dynamics of almost everything else. Ours is, after all, one universe with one set of descriptive natural laws.

Books Online for Children

  • The Philosopher’s Stone by Win Wenger and John McPherson (PDF file)
    A tale of wisdom and courage — a young man’s mission to save his people and prevail against 50 mighty dragons.
    Notes for Parents and Teachers on The Philosopher’s Stone
  • Dew Song by Win Wenger and John McPherson (PDF file)
    To save their friendships and habitats, youngsters in this gentle fantasy envision creative alternatives to razing forests.
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