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Special Message from Win Wenger, Ph.D.

I imagine each of us has something pretty special to say before it’s all over, but we never really get around to saying it. Certain times give us opportunity to reflect and then to express what our particular life is all about, or what special observation we really most wish to pass on…

I fully intend to be around for many afternoons to come, but were I to die this afternoon, this is one thing I will want to have gotten said:

Hear one another out. Draw each other out. And when it’s your turn to be speaking, pay far more attention to what you are actually perceiving than to what you know. And don’t repeat yourself much. The universe is infinite:  by attending your own perceptions, you are infinite. And so also is that person you are drawing out. Even the least of us is a window on God, whatever your definition.

— Win Wenger, Ph.D.

This is more than just a sentiment. It is more than just my belief that this marks the main path to a more fully human future. Its case is substantially made at Feeding the Loop and Add Depth and Richness to Every Facet of Our Mutual Lives.

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