Science Issues

by Win Wenger, Ph.D.

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Support for Higher Productivity in the Sciences

Science and scientific inquiry have added more to human well-being than has almost any other area of human endeavor. Improving productivity in science has to yield very high rates of return in terms of further improvements in human well-being.

Project Renaissance is dedicated to creating resources toward improving the human condition, and making them as widely accessible as possible — through this website and through books and training courses — to humans around the world.

In the CPS Techniques section, we are developing, for free use, a battery of the world’s one hundred best techniques for ingeniously and effectively solving problems. Several protocols are already online.

Here, in the Science Issues section, we’ve assembled a battery of resources for making the pursuit of science more creative and productive — tools with which you, as an individual scientist, may more readily arrive at your best hypotheses to test, and at possibly productive new perspectives.

These resources are free — please make the most of them. They are quite different from the style of much of what you’ve been taught. You are invited to make these resources be productive for you.

To access any description, just click on its title in the annotated Index listings below.

Other Resources in Science Creativity

In addition to the articles listed in the index above, here are related topics for your free use.

  • Idea Generator — Techniques for physicists, quantum mechanists, cosmologists, and string theorists to make major breakthroughs in their fields.
  • Reality Trip — Conformity hampers the progress of contemporary science. Thinking outside the box can open new fields for the mind.
  • Convergence — Finding the meaning of life at the crossroads of physics and philosophy.
  • Reform the Patent System — A proposal to restore support and incentive to the individual inventor.
  • Bootstrap Method to Knowing — Study the work of the world’s leading experts.

Other Resources in Space Science

  • Space Launch — Inexpensive, safe and gentle launch track preserves material resources, spares the ozone layer.
  • Coils — Electromagnets to deflect space radiation from astronauts.
  • One destiny, or many? — Picking up the pace of space development.

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